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Programmable Function Button
Output as a result of an AC failure
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Programmable Function Button

The Programmable Function button is a convenient feature on the VES line of analog fire alarm control panels. The contractor can consider use of this button for input functionality that may not be readily available through other means, including disablements, test mode, and resetting field devices. As the button requires level 2 access of the panel for activation, both the contractor and end-user can be ensured that only authorized users may use the button.

By default the button is not programmed.

Configuration of the programmable button is accomplished in the same manner as any other input device. Programmable Function button can be configured for any action from the typical fire and supervisory to disablements and test modes. Like all devices on VES fire alarm control panels the Programmable Function button has location text and zone assignment. The Programmable Function button also has the flexibility of choosing between latching and non-latching.

If the Programmable function button is set as a latching device, a panel reset is the method which would clear the input.  If set as a non latching device, the release of the button would clear the input state.  Be cognizant when using this feature in a latching state, a panel reset for whatever the reason will clear the active button state. 

A popular usage for this button is a transparent state, then setting a cause and effect on this input; in other words an output relay activates on the SLC loop as a result of the button press. No action is indicated on the panel what-so-ever.

Output as a Result of an AC failure

The RS panel is equipped with 3 programmable relays; Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory.  By default, the panel programming will allow these relays to act in their designated conditions.  The capability remains to customize each of those relays to act as you see fit for the installation.  The question comes forward on how we can get a relay to activate in an AC power failure condition.

An AC power failure will cause a trouble condition which will activate the trouble relay.  If however you want a relay to just activate on AC fail; the supervisory relay can be programmed for this function.  In the programming of the supervisory relay check the ‘AC failure report delay’, in the panel setting under the time tab, adjust the ac Failure delay from 0 to 180 minutes.  The supervisory relay will now activate only in the case of an AC failure delayed by the number of minutes in the panel setting.

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