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eView Serial Annunciator explained
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eView Serial Annunciator Explained

The eView serial annunciator has become a popular addition to our equipment list.  Boasting a mirror image of the control panel in terms of LED’s, operational Buttons, and LCD display; the units operation is easily understood.  We present to you below, the technical aspects of this annunciator.

  1. How many eViews can be connected to a VES Panel?
    Up to 15 eViews can be connected to a VES analog addressable Panel.
  2. When connecting multiple eViews are there any additional steps or considerations?
    When installing, each eView must have a unique address (dip switches on back of unit). Wiring should be in a series circuit. The terminator jumper (J3 Jumper) must be removed from all but the last annunciator on the Comms line. In addition to powering the J3 Jumper from the panels AUX power, they can also be powered from any approved 24V fire alarm power supply.
  3. How many eViews can be powered through the Auxiliary 24V terminal of a VES Panel?
    The standby and alarm current for the eView is 30 mA and 110 mA respectively. While wire gauge and distance have a bearing; the full size eLAN and Elite panel have 500ma of auxiliary power. The eLAN-RS and Elite-RS have 360ma of auxiliary power. 
  4. What is the maximum distance between the eView and a VES Panel?
    The maximum distance is 3900 feet (1200 meters) between the control panel and the furthest eView annunciator.
  5. How does Access Level 2 work between the eView and a VES Panel?
    The first thing to remember about Access Level 2 control is that the VES Fire Alarm Control Panel always has priority over the eViews. When Access Level 2 is enabled through an eView both that annunciator and the panel are in Access 2. The eView can control the panel through the buttons and menu options until the panel controls are used, at which point the eView concedes control to the panel.
  6. Can multiple eViews have Access Level 2 with the same panel?
    No, only one eView can have Access Level 2 at a time. The eView that enables level 2 first gets control. Another eView on the same comms line, which has the Access Key enabled, can gain Access Level 2 if the controlling eView returns to Access Level 1.
  7. What are the 0V terminals on the eView?
    The 0v terminals are part of the power connection between the eView, the panel, and other devices on the same line. The 0V terminals connect to the negative terminal on the panel while the 24V terminals connected to the positive.
  8. What colors and accessories are available for the eView?
    The eView is available in red (VF1172-10) and gray (VF1172-40). A flush mount ring is available, also in red (VF1173-10) and gray (VF1173-40).


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