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Where's my Manual Pull Stations!
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Where’s my Manual Pull Stations!

To provide more consistent device identification, we have enhanced the method our RS fire Alarm Control Panel and Loop Explorer discovers and configures Apollo mini switch module (VF5608).  This difference is important when using a mini module either connected to a pull station or any other device.

For a mini switch module (VF5608) to be automatically identified as a pull station (by auto-learn) it needs to have switch 8 set to the ‘On’ position. Effective immediately all Manual pull stations shipped by VES will be set this way.  Of course the user must still set the proper device address using switches 1-7.   When using the mini switch module for purposes other than a manual pull station; switch 8 should be set to off.  The switch 8 addressing procedure will insure ‘auto-learn’ recognizes the device as an input module in one position and a manual pull station in the other.  Loop Explorer programming software will also automatically apply this configuration when you are uploading to a panel.   The popularity and product usage of the mini switch module is tremendous.  Keeping these simple configuration pieces in mind will allow a precise identification by the panel.
This change effects Elite-RS A- and eLAN-RS-A series panels (firmware v7.00030A and higher) along with Loop Explorer (6.00027 and higher).

If you have any questions about this configuration or others, please give our tech support staff a call or email them at

VES Best Practice – Recommended best practice field wiring for the VF5664-00 Dual input priority switch module

The VF5664-00 is a dual input module that can be used for Water flow, Tamper switches and other non-powered items that require a switched input to the FACP. The VF5664-00 has an 8 position DIP switch bank for configuring the switch address and input wiring class. The inputs can be wired as class “A” or Class ”B”. VES best practices recommend that these inputs are always wired in class A.

Benefits for class “A” wiring the VF5664-00 inputs are;

  1. No end-of-line resistor required.
  2. One 4 conductor wire between the device and inputs.
  3. Line supervision without additional components.
  4. A loose or broken wire would cause a “Trouble” condition while still providing alarm sensing functionality to the device.

VF5664-00 Dual Input Monitor - DIP (Dual Inline Package) setting

  1. Locate the DIP switch banks for switch monitor 1 and switch monitor 2.
  2. Position 8 is labeled “Wiring Class”.
  3. Move the switch to Wiring Class “A”.
  4. Done

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