aVES Technical Training

Authorized Dealer Technical training will be held in our King of Prussia, Pennsylvania corporate headquarters October 11-12, 2011 or November 15-16, 2011. *Please note the date change!

Although you may think this is for new dealers to the VES family, we’d like to remind you again that existing dealers who need to renew their certification are also welcome. Updated information about our full product line and our latest additions will be discussed.

Not only is this beneficial for new technicians but seasoned professionals as well. Please visit our website at www.ves-network.com to fill out the enrollment form or email info@ves-network.com.


aAdditional Fax Number

Over the past few months, VES has undergone many important new changes. In addition to the main fax number 610-992-3380 where sales PO’s, eSP login forms, and training enrollment forms are sent, we now ask that you fax any financial documents such as credit card forms or credit applications to

This fax number goes directly into the office of our Operations manager who is responsible for handling such priority documents. If you have any questions regarding this change please contact us at 800-270-3066.



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September 2011

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VES Technical Training
Additional Fax Number

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