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VESnet Update
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VESnet Update

Dear VESnet subscriber,

As you know it has been two years since we launched our VESnet ebulletin. During this time we have covered many different topics including the many new and upgraded products we have released, details on events such as exhibitions and personnel articles.

We are very pleased that the number of subscribers has increased dramatically over the period and we are keen to grow the circulation list as we have some very significant new products to talk about in the future.

After two years we feel it is time for a change so we have refreshed VESnet and this is first of the new style bulletin we will be sending you each month. In addition to this we have realised that we actually have two different types of VESnet Subscriber. In the main VESnet is a marketing bulletin and we are keen to continue this. However we also have a large and growing number of “techie” readers on our mailing list. We are therefore delighted to announce that in addition to the new style VESnet we are to introduce a technical version called VESnet WIRED. VESnet WIRED will also be published once a month and will cover more technical aspects of our fire detection equipment including, firmware updates, application notes, Tec-tips and much more.

To subscribe to the all new VESnet Wired just click on the link, provide us with some basic details about yourself and the business you work for and you are set to receive the new
VESnet Wired.

As an added bonus for the month of August all new subscribers to VESnet WIRED will be eligible to enter our free competition to win and Apple iPAD! All you have to do is sign up, tick the competition box and you are in!

Remember you can also subscribe to
VESnet Wired if you are already a VESnet subscriber so sign up today and give yourself the chance to win this great prize. Get your colleagues to sign up as well so they have a chance too!

Visit www.ves-network.com for up to date information on our product range, including: Data sheets, manuals, brochures, news items and press releases.