Edition 08

Wheelock Exceder

VES is happy to announce the availability of the new Wheelock Exceder line of horns and strobes in eSP.
Finally, no more confusion about part numbers,with only 12 parts for red, white, wall and ceiling.

Please use the link below to see the chart and check out Exceder today, as we will be phasing out stock of all older notification appliances, which Wheelock is discontinuing.

Click here for the new Wheelock Exceder part numbers.

Here are some of the features of Exceder

  • Industry's most innovative design
    • Sleek modern aesthetics and styling
  • 80% reduction in SKUs - up to 9 models now in 1 appliance
    • 3 audible settings
    • 8 candela settings in 1 appliance
    • Wall - 15/1575/30/75/95/110/135/185
    • Ceiling - 15/30/60/75/95/115/150/177
  • Save up to 48% in current draw
    • Industry's lowest current draw with 12/24 VDC operation in 1 appliance
  • Easier to install - save up to 14% cost of installation
    • 5 mounting options - 1 gang, 2 gang, 4"sq., 3.5 octal, 4" octal box
    • Voltage test points for quick troubleshooting and easy spot checking - on wall models
    • 1/16" deep mounting error relief
    • Prewire capability to check for wiring and ground faults prior to appliance installation
    • Contact cover provides protection from dirt, dust, paint and accidental damage, and allows for prewire testing and troubleshooting

New Approvals for eLAN RS

We are pleased to announce that the new eLAN RS panel is now UL listed, FM Approved and CSFM Listed. The RS panel is fully compatible with all existing eLAN systems and is also an excelllent choice for all your smaller jobs. The following features leave the "Entry-Level" competition behind.

- 320 character LCD Display
- 4 built-in Sync Protocols
- Expandable from 1 to 2 SLC Loops
- Networkable
- Full eLAN Cause & Effect Relationship capability
- Discovery or laptop programming with auto-learn.
- Class A SLC as standard.

Please check your pricing for eLAN RS today and remember that the new eVIEW annunciator is a perfect companion product to any new eLAN panel, including the RS.

Why not log in to eSP right now and search parts for “eLAN RS” to see all the available models?

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