New Websites for eSP access

As part of our ongoing improvements and upgrades at VES, we have changed the URL’s to access the “Sales” and “Production” partitions of eSP AND the “System Check” website.

Previously, the URL’s were , and for the “Sales”, “Production” and “System Check” sites respectively.

The new site URLs are: (Production, Real Data) (Demo Data) (PC compatibility)

(Notice we have changed the “Sales” term to “Demo” in the new URL to emphasize the fact that it is, in fact, a demonstration site and not a place to enter real orders.)



VES Develops Plan to Establish a
Monitoring and Data Center

VES is currently implementing a plan to open a UL Central Station with a full range of monitoring services. We are doing this in an effort to provide the highest level of support and information service to Dealers and End Users.

We are actively pursuing the upgrading and refitting of the existing facility in King of Prussia, PA as an integral part of our core business. All VES accounts now at C.O.P.S. will be switched to the VES Monitoring and Data Center and we would like to take this opportunity to thank C.O.P.S. for their assistance in this transition period.

The Monitoring and Data Center are essential components to the VES product mix and the new-and-improved facility will be an even greater asset to our Dealers and End Users. Dealers will be able to provide the highest level of customer service and support throughout the lifecycle of an installation. This move will also allow us to make additional enhancements and improvements to the eSP™ Business Suite that further strengthen our turnkey solution for dealers.

We don’t have a specific date for the reactivation yet, but we are rapidly moving towards announcing a date.

For questions about Monitoring or for Wholesale Monitoring enquiries, please contact Andy Johannsen.


VES Technical Training

Training and education are an important part of understanding the benefits of any technical product. It is especially important in understanding the savings that can be gained in simplifying the quoting and ordering process, minimizing the installation and programming time, and managing the extremely important after-installation services; all primary benefits of the VES product line and eSP Software Suite.

Our training, although referred to as “Technical Training”, is beneficial for both the technically adept and technically averse because it helps you gain an understanding of the power of time savings and helps with the adoption and promotion of the product throughout your entire organization; an important factor in becoming a successful VES Dealer.
So come to our next training session. It’s free to our Dealers, it’s only three days. Contact John Riley for more information.

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